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North 3D is an art and photogrammetry studio, found in 2012. Our talented and hardworking team is dedicated to ensuring that everything North 3D creates is high quality, innovating and aligns perfectly with your project needs.


Our expertise are:

  • Level Design, Blockout and Level Art.

  • Environment Creation for games and cinema.

  • Scanning and optimizing locations, structures, vehicles and props.

  • Character art.

  • Material and texture creation.

  • Art optimization and porting on different platforms.


We optimize and develop art for:

  • PC and Console

  • Mobile

  • PC VR and Mobile VR

  • AR

  • Rendering



Thank you all!

We want to thank everyone that joined playing our games and the awesome feedback that we are getting from our community. We are very happy to bring games that make not only us, but other people also.
We like to thank our new growing community for tutorials and knowing sharing on game development. We started recently, but we already have a huge grow and amazing response from everyone. Thank you again for being with us and stay tuned for more future updates.

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Latest work!

Countryside Race Game Pack

Optimized and ready to used Countryside Race Game Pack. The pack includes veriety of assets that will help you build a full countryside envrionemnt. Inside the pack you will find not only 3d models and materials, but also fence tool, customizable water shader, 11 layer virtual texture blend terrain shader, vegtation shader and special blend shader for assets to help you blend everything better.

In addition you will find a full race track scene that is ready to use or can be easily modified.


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