This are some of the projects our team worked on.



Omni is one of the biggest projects we worked on so far. We designed and created a open world that includes more than 2000 environment assets and 40 characters.

Stylized Cave Environment

Things got hot working on this awesome stylized cave environment. Our team had a lot of fun designing the level and creating the 3d assets.



A very fun project that our team worked on level and 3d environment art.

Stylized Mobile Dungeon Game

‚ÄčOur team created an amazing stylized art for 'Mage and The Mystic Dungeon' project. We worked on level art, 3d environment, art and character art for his fun side scroller.

stefan-ivanov-1 (1).jpg


A great small world project that we created the level and architecture design. Our team created modular elements and systems for fast building and iterations on the amazing project.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Krakow, Poland

Wakefield, United Kingdom

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