About North 3D

Established in 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria, North 3D started by a small but passionate about game development team.

Our first projects were mostly mobile games, but over the years we focused more and more on different platforms. At the moment we have our HQ in the UK and two remote teams in Krakow, Poland and Sofia, Bulgaria. The studio is providing high quality art services for games and cinema.

3D Environment Artists

We are looking for talented 3D Environment Artists to join our growing team. 


Skills and Knowledge

• Strong interpersonal and communication skills;

• Ability to create interesting, detailed and visually appealing environments;

• Ability to adapt to new processes and pipelines;

• Good working knowledge of industry leading 3D modelling packages;

• Good understanding of composition and visual storytelling;

• Good knowledge of level editors;

• Good understanding of Physically Based Rendering systems;

• Familiarity with data management software (such as Asana etc.);

• Good gameplay and level design knowledge;

• Knowledge of the video game industry and awareness of typical video game develop processes;

• Exposure to industry game engines and production pipelines;

• Knowledge of optimisation techniques (e.g. 3D Studio Max).

• Written and spoken English


Relevant Experience

• 2+  industry experience as an Environment Artist or other relevant experience;

• Bachelor’s degree in Graphics Design, Art or other relevant training;

• Experience in both hard surface and organic modelling;

• Experience working in 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Substance Painter and ZBrush.

What do we offer:

  • Work on a high quality interesting project from both games and cinema.

  • Work with an international team.

  • Competitive salary.

  • Opportunity to grow.